Second Newsletter

Project overview

We Are Not Different (WAND) is an european Erasmus+ project  focused on the social inclusion problem of children and the sectoral priorities of adult education. The marginalization of children in school is a topical issue, which has both short and long-term consequences. For this reason, the WAND project has the purpose of helping parents on the marginalized children’s education in school through the creation of a learning kit consisting of an online learning platform, containing a guide and a set of learning videos.

Project progress

During the past months, partners worked on the creation of the WAND guide that contains 2 chapters and the design of the e-learning platform to help parents on the marginalized children’s education in school. It has been a hard year for the project due to the difficulties to hold the face to face activities like meetings and the learning, teaching and training activities. Nevertheless, we have been doing our best to make sure that the objectives of the project are met.

After more than a year working online, in July, we had our second transnational project meeting in El Rompido (Spain) hosted by Inercia Digital. All the partners from  SMART EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS Association (Romania), Inercia Digital (Spain), LatConsul (Latvia) and Polaris (Italy) attended the meeting during two days where we focused on the progress of the project and the planification of the implementation activities. 

Next steps

In addition, we will keep working on WAND Kit, we will focus on the videos and the online training content for the e-learning platform with the objective of keeping active all the interesting parents through our educational videos.

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