Fourth Newsletter

We Are Not Different (WAND) is an European Erasmus+ project focused on the problem of social exclusion of children and the sectoral priorities of education in adults. Children’s exclusion in school is a topical issue, with both short and long term consequences. For this reason, the WAND project aims to help parents in educating children who are being excluded at school by creating a learning kit. This kit consists of an online learning platform which contains a guide and a set of learning videos.


WAND project is in the last implemented period, on 31st May, the project will come to the end and all the partners from Smart Educational Projects Association (Romania), Inercia Digital (Spain), LatConsul (Latvia) and Polaris (Italy) are carrying out some activities. 

During the last months of the project, we worked on the WAND Learning Kit, particularly on the update of the e-learning platform on which we have created a course that is available in the following languages: English, Romanian, Spanish, Italian and Latvian. 

This course contains training modules on creative thinking, effective communication, stress and how to deal with it, time management and self-confidence. Inside these modules, there are theoretical contents, educational videos and practical materials so that parents and educators can have get-at-table support materials.

In April, all the partners had the last transnational project meeting that was held in Târgu Jiu, Romania, where we discussed the last implementation period of the project. During this meeting, we checked the progress of the project and we plan our last activities that are focused on the dissemination and the multiplier event to present all the results to the stakeholders and public bodies.

The multiplier events were held at the end of April and the beginning of May with the aim that all the project partners presented the results of the project in each country. This way we held an event in Târgu Jiu (Romania), Vasto (Italy), Huelva (Spain) and Riga (Latvia). The events were focused on the presentation of WAND project and its results, the WAND learning kit. We have had great participation in the events, in total, more than 130 people from different countries participated, from associations, schools and public bodies, in this way we want the project to be present in our society and all the results could be used by all interest groups to prevent exclusion Social.

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